A new future

Since 2010, Breton Machinery UK Ltd have been the authorised agent of Breton S.P.A for sales, service and spare parts in the UK and Ireland.

During this time the company has grown from 3 to 7 people (13 in our larger group) and seen a huge increase in spare parts sales and service for both existing and new machines. With many machines sold and Breton UK seeing the most Breton sales in Europe for the last two years running, we have strived to give the best service we could to Breton customers, both existing and new.
We haven’t always delivered what we hoped to despite working around the clock and being always available, but we hope we have achieved some of our goals and know that we have left the majority of customers in a better position with their machines than when we started. Everyone at Breton UK and the wider LPE Group are hugely proud of the job that we have done to support what is (not just in our opinion) the worlds best manufacturer of stone machinery.

With the growing demand of the UK market, it became apparent that more investment in infrastructure and staff was necessary and so we watched, analysed and considered over many months the best way forward.

In October 2016 we made a decision and spoke to Breton about the future of the UK market. Without further inward investment and in the face of strong competition and increasing sales, in the interests of the Customer, the staff and Breton itself, in our opinion Breton would be much better placed to operate the UK market as a wholly owned subsidiary, with its own staff and the resources of the manufacturer.

Since October, this idea has been adopted by Breton and as of May 2nd 2017 all service and spare parts operations will be taken over by Breton Italy, with one of Bretons most senior and experienced technicians Mr Fabio Bragagnolo shortly moving to the UK to head up the new company.
Fabio is already well known to many of the customers and would have been our choice to lead the new venture.
Both Breton UK technicians Dorian Watson and Gem Mallison will transfer to the new company ensuring full continuity. 





Direct Telephone No. +393357844510


Carl Sharkey and Simon Bradbury will continue to work with existing projects during the transition process until fruition and the LPE Group’s collaboration with Breton S.P.A will continue long into the future, we share many many mutual customers, colleagues and interests. Our relationships with the people of Breton and its wider reaches are not just business but much more personal and we consider many as friends and family. It has been an honour and a pleasure to work with such people and Breton itself.

Once again, we are hugely proud of what we have achieved in the UK with Breton, we will continue to support the new company and would like to wish all involved every success in the future.

Thank you to all the customers of Breton UK throughout the last 7 years for your business and support, we look forward to continuing to serve you in our other ventures.



Existing accounts with Breton Machinery UK Ltd should be settled to ensure full service with the new company